Writing A Business Book Is Good PR

CREDIT: Culled from http://www.steamfeed.com

writing a business book

Doesn’t it feel like everyone is writing some sort of a book? You may feel annoyed by the echo chamber of book topics, left out because you haven’t gotten to the place where a book feels right, or energized to follow suit with a topic you’re jazzed about.

This range of emotion can be off-putting and hinder your business development efforts. But, let’s face it…writing a business book is good PR.

Whether you’re in business for yourself, an executive of a company, an academic, or an expert in a vertical market, you have experiences to share. If you’re a blogger, even better!

Bloggers with a few years under their belt have content to share. After all, writing ~400 words three times weekly for a few years should mean a book topic is floating to the surface. (Hint: Comb your archives to see which topic resonates more than others and then consider whether that topic is worthy for a how-to book.)

What usually gets in the way of publishing a book on any medium is confidence. Here’s a word of counsel…ignore the naysayers that bloggers who write books are not authors. Instead, think of what’s good for your business.

How do you market your products and services?  Would it be advantageous to have a book, how-to manual, e-book for free on the website, or e-book for sale online to market your business? Did you nod in agreement? Indeed.

One more time…writing a business book is good public relations for your company!  Here’s how:

  • You can promote the title via an optimized online news release that drives SEO juice to your website as well as sales.
  • You can promote the news you’re a new author on all the social media channels.
  • You’re likely to find your invitations to guest post or to speak at tradeshows increase.
  • You can promote the book on your blog as content for a series about what’s in the book.
  • You can share ordering information as a call to action in the sidebar which takes you to a landing page and newsletter sign up in your marketing funnel. That’s digital marketing.

Benefits of  Writing a Business Book

The benefits of writing a business book are many:

You power up your brand. I know this to be true; I’m a blogger who has written a book, and the initial reaction is “Wow, you’re…. Click to read from the original article


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