Top 10 Adsense Alternatives That Pay a Great Rate

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Google Adsense is one of the top choices if you’re trying to monetize a website or blog. However, if you would prefer to not use Adsense or for some reason can’t use Adsense, there are plenty of alternatives that pay well.

1. Infolinks

Infolinks offers in-text advertising for its users. You’ll be pleased to know that Infolinks accepts every website. Integrating Infolinks ads only takes a few minutes and you can begin receiving clicks immediately. You can withdraw funds via Paypal, Infolinks debit card, or a wire transfer.

Go to Infolinks Website

2. Buysellads

Buysellads allows you to buy ads or sell them. They are essentially a middleman to help publishers and advertisers meet. You can receive payment via wire transfer or PayPal (min. payout of $50). Similarly to Adsense, you must have a neat, professional website with excellent page views to be accepted.

Go to BuySellAds Website

3. iSocket

ISocket is similar to BuySellAds but has a reputation for being a bit harder to get approved for. The difference can be summed up by quoting their website: “isocket is not an ad network, exchange, or rep firm. We are a toolkit for publishers to power up direct sales.” iSocket deals with some of the most popular sites on the Internet and you have to have a minimum of 1,000,000 page views per month to your website to get approved. However, it will be worth it to join.

Go to iSocket Website

4. Clicksor

Clicksor offers both CPM and CPC-type ads through text, banner, pop ups and even full page. They have the third largest publisher network and make an excellent alternative to Adsense. Payment is a $50 minimum via PayPal, wire transfer or check.

Go to Clicksor Website

5. Kontera

Kontera is another in-text advertising network. Kontera scans your blog or website and matches your keywords to their database. You are then given specific ads that compliment your website. You can withdraw your fund via PayPal, check, or EFT. Their minimum payment is $50.

Go to Kontera Website

6. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser allows you to sell your ad space to the highest bidder. They are one of the oldest networks out there and remain one of the best. Bidvertiser offers feed, CPA and CPC ads. Minimum payout is $10 via PayPal or check.

Go to Bidvertiser Website

7. Chitika

If you have a well-established blog, Chitika may be the best CPC ad network for you. Chitika chooses their ads according to your website’s content. Another big benefit of Chitika is that they allow you to customize the look of your ad through text color, border colors, and more.

Go to Chitika Website

8. Tribalfusion

Tribalfusion is another one of the big-paying advertising networks. Unfortunately, it’s safe to say that if you don’t receive heavy website traffic you probably won’t be accepted. If you do have a well-established website and receive a ton of traffic, try out their banner ads.

Go to Tribalfusion Website

9. Affinity

Just like Adsense, Affinity pays an excellent eCPM rate. You can find nearly every type of ad style and type under the sun on this network. Their minimum payout is $50 via PayPal. Another excellent benefit is that you can receive upwards of 90% of your revenue.

Go to Affinity Website

10. Smowtion

If you want heavily targeted banner ads (CPM) then Smowtion may be the perfect alternative. They don’t have the highest rate available but will work very well for websites with heavy traffic. Payment is made through PayPal every 30 days.
Do you have any favorite Adsense alternatives that haven’t been listed?


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Adsense Alternatives That Pay a Great Rate

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