Hmmm!!! Not me, please. Not for an apple.  But I know many people don’t mind spending long hours on the Lagos Traffic just to get to ShopRite, maybe not to buy an apple but some item that they pass on their way to ShopRite.  Branding is all about connecting with people’s emotions, influencing their choice preferences and sticking in their memories. I know ShopRite is a good Brand (they didn’t pay for this promo oh), but the truth is that they have branded well.

They last time I was there, I met a friend who lives in Festac Town. He was in ShopRite to hang out with the Girl friend (on a sunny afternoon) on one of those branded Fast foods. Gosh!!! Dude the last time I checked this same Fast-food joint has another outlet in Festac Town. You get me drill??? It doesn’t matter the location, if you are a good Brand, people will travel to come to you. They will endure the inconveniences on their way to meet with you.


Branding is why I have to spend money on transportation to have my hair cut at a barber shop many miles away from where I reside. Ignoring the many barbershops just few poles from my house. Branding is why I spend =N=2,000 on KFC just over a Fried Chicken and food, even when I know I can get a fried chicken and full plate of Jellof Rice for =N=400 just across the street. Branding is why a good local tailor is favored less than the worst Fashion designer. Branding is why my friends think Davido is better than Wizkid…. Branding is why Rhythm Unplugged Ticket is always sold out. Branding is why my mum will always prefer a warm Coke Cola to an Ice Chilled Pepsi. Branding is why young people think GTbank is the best. Branding is why Nigerians no more watch NTA. STv and Channels are preferred. Branding is why Cool Fm is a must listen for me daily, no more Radio Nigeria. Branding is why Dbanj is still out there. Branding is why it got be Psquare or Tuface or the Eme Boys.  Branding is why Akwa Ibom State is now on our lips. Branding is why Africans brave death on the Desert just to cross over to Europe. Branding is what keeps people looking forward to the next AY live. Branding is why Basketmouth the comedian is still very busy, smiling to the banks. Branding is why my friend Nkechi spent =N=10, 000 on an Ankara gown. It is why my friend Ibrahim bought a Blazers 3times more than its worth just because it came with a badge on the breast pocket.

Packaging is why I bought a Tablet that I don’t utilize that often!!!!!!!!

When your quality, reliability and value is tested and trusted; when you have succeeded in connecting with your niche audience and shaken hands with their emotions, you would skew sentiments to your favor. People will travel far and near, spend crazily on your product, and demand you more than you expected.

Lastly, branding is why a group of friends will enter BRT from Surulere down to CMS, and a bus to Victoria Island just to play a game at Silverbird Galleria….

Keep Branding, keep attracting….. WHAT INFLUENCE HAS A BRAND HAD OVER YOU?


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