It may sound funny, but is pretty true that many have gotten jobs, raised funds, sold thousands/millions of products or given a chance for a sponsorship just because they were smartly dressed and appropriately for the occasion. It is man’s natural character to be moved by want he sees, and appearing elegant on your business attire is not an exception. It’s a natural law of attraction

Clothes and appearance DO matter. Wish they didn’t  but they do. Don’t go to an office to market your product if you’re wrongly dressed, particular if you are yet to make the people your loyal customers. There is always an appearance customers expect from you which most times is nothing but smartness and neatness with a complementary coherence in communication and acceptable body language. Don’t dress on a poorly tailored and steamed dress if you sell designers clothes. Don’t dress on a pair of Denim Jeans if you’re to sell to a Company Executive. You may want to dress down a bit if meeting with a graffiti artist. As a consultant you don’t need to dress expensive and too sophisticated if you are to meet a young entrepreneur, he may think you’re too damn expensive for him, so he can’t afford you when actually your fee is within what he can afford. Wear what you sell, express its perfection in your dress and outlook. What you wear plays a very important role in what people think of you when you first meet(and each meeting thereafter) because what you wear and how you wear it can speak volumes about you (subconsciously or consciously) to everyone you come across on a day-to-day basis.

“Building your image as a qualified and respectable professional in your field means dressing the part, and if you are under dressed or overdressed, you will not be sending the right signals (though if you have to error one way or the other, always opt for overdressed).” —— Colin Wright

Take your time to learn how to communicate, develop a perfect personality that can give your that job, convince people of your authenticity. Engage your audience and stimulate interest by your perfect appearance. A good clothe with bad fit is no god appearance, just like a good clothes, good fit and poor gesture and communication. Indeed, the come in one wrap.  Don’t leave one out.

Your thoughts!!!