Customers!!! What Do You Think of MTN Service?


QUALITY is everything in building a brand. No doubt the market looks out for a brand that meets their needs, offers alternative value. Most times what shapes their choices are cost, convenience and quality. It is not uncommon for brands in their early period in the market to put up all kind of marketing stunts to sway potential customers / clients. At the onset they present authentic and reliable products / services. And when they think they have gotten a great market share their product quality diminishes, even quantity…. Again it is not UNCOMMON. One of my favorite snags is Burger Peanut, when it first appeared in stores and shops it was sold for 20 naira, and a sachet of it was large, the peanut was nicely done, numerous and 100% crispy. Now the price is 50naira, and the sachet is half full.….. Ahhhhhhh!!! this article is for MTN….. Sorry for that twist…..

For the past few months MTN network has been a mess, making business difficult for its users. My friend Chike got a call from a potential partner from Australia. He has been pitching for a long while to have his Book proposal sail through in one of the Australian universities. He was in the Bathroom, so it was a missed call. Because of its importance, he tried to call back immediately. All through the time he tried that mobile no. he received the usual pop up message “connection error” or “network busy”. So Bad…..

Nothing can be substituted for Quality Service. It is what gets the customer clued forever to you. Even if the cost of affording your brand hikes so far the quality is still sustained and assured customers wouldn’t turn their back on it.

MTN don’t kill your brand with poor network delivery, improve or have all of us abandon you.

What Do You Think of MTN Service???


8 thoughts on “Customers!!! What Do You Think of MTN Service?

  1. I think MTN should really take this poor service issue seriously, with the current fierce competition in the telecommunication industry, this should not be a time to play to the gallery.
    I grew up knowing elephant detergent as a household name for detergent, Today i doubt if that name still exist….need to investigate.
    Where is ‘STAR TISSUE PAPER’ and CROWN SUGAR, all these products were the market determinants while i was growing.
    Ask Maltina and Guiness malta what competition means, maybe the bleach product called “JIK” can help let us know how it is fairing with HYPO by the corner.-just to mention but a few examples
    MTN-this is not a time to be complacent about your customers yearning for a better service delivery.

    ADVICE-customers are unpredictable…..always treat them like it is their first time,then they will stick around all the time.

    Personal note
    I think you are a very smart writer and brand expert, i am going to recommended you to my company to seek your expertise on re-branding.

  2. Hi Kelechi, I could have used your comment as the content for this article. You nailed it. You spoke with passion and so concerned. Thanks for dropping those highlights.

    Awww!!! Hypo is no more what it was when it lauched itself… So diluted…. Star Tissue only exist in our memories no more on stores… Again that’s what happens when a company fails to (Re)brand or put the customers first before any other thing.

    I got your PS kelechi, recommending me to your organization could be that Chrismas gift I waiting for *smiles*…. Please do your company needs it… Thanks boss

  3. MTN network really sucks….the last experience i had with them is the mobile TV stuff, MTN will make an advert about a package but they will never say the truth about it, so they can take advantage of us (by cheating their own customers). i subscribed to the Standard plan (8 channels ) and 400 naira was being deducted from my account, MTN ensured that they cleared all my remaining balance that i had left on my phone before they started deducting from the 75Mb mobile Tv data that i paid for, up till now they failed to refund back my remaining balance they cleared from my account..

  4. The most annoying part of it all is whenever you called their customer care representatives, you have to repeat your complaints all over and over, with their representatives giving one excuse and the other, that their system is not available to inform them what has been happening on my line..very bad of MTN

  5. I think the brand has allowed complacency to over ride them. They think they have us in the jugular- we have been using this line for a very long time. For years our business contacts have our MTN lines, thus, not so easy to abandon. I think they see this as leverage and our weakness.

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