They say readers are leaders, and information is key. Every young entrepreneur must be in look out for information and inspiration to move his/her business to the next greater notch. In this Book Reid Hoffman, Co – Founder of LinkedIn and Ben Casnocha provides such information, insight and inspiration.

The Pinstriped Suit

The start-up of you by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha is one of those books that a friend referred to me but I never got around to reading. Finally, last month my friend Jacob suggested the book for a business book club I’m part of and I finally got around to tackling it. (Plug: Amazon’s Whispersync saves your spot if you listen to the audiobook and kindle edition so you can get the book done way faster if you use both formats)

The premise of the book revolves around the idea that the key element to career success is to always be in a stage of “Permanent Beta”. For those of you who don’t know, entrepreneurs and start-ups use this term to describe a constant state of learning and pivoting. In essence, choosing a direction but always being open to opportunities, ideas and growth that you may not be able to…

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