Sell Him that Shoe With a Shoe Polish

I received a lot of emails from Young Entrepreneurs who read my last article – A MICROWAVE MAY BE WHAT YOU NEED TO ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS. They loved it, and wanted more tips on how each of them can attract customer loyalty and stand out in their various categories of business. For their sake, and for the benefit of other readers I have decided to share some simple extra value you can render to customers that can make them choose you over your competitors. Those who contacted me are into different kind of entrepreneurship. But today I start from sharing a tip on how a shoe seller can stand out. Next post will be for those in fashion retailing business.

What today’s customer needs is an extra value – a fringe benefit or simple an additional incentive for you to make him  a loyal customer. As simple as it may sound, giving out free shoe polish on every pair of shoe he buys from you may be an element of distinction between  you and others in your kind of trade. All of us need a shoe polish to keep our shoes shiny and ever new. Giving your customer an ORDINARY shoe polish tells him how much you care about the maintenance and durability of the shoe than the actual money he pays you for it. It enhances your reputation and earns you his trust. Ask yourself why would LG,Samsung and other electronic companies offer 1-3 years warranty to any of their product you purchase? It is all a scheme to earn trust and loyalty. Try this simple strategy, give out free shoe polishes or any small freebies you can attach to your sale. You may think the customer wouldn’t appreciate this but he does. Cheers!!!! Hope this helps.


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