2Face Idibia Can’t Speak Good English – He made It His Brand Identity and It Worked For Him

2face Idibia

What do you think about 2face’s diction? Do you feel proud of him whenever you see him express himself through spoken English on any interview?  I have read some many articles and online debates about how bad 2baba’s English is. I remember when it was announced that 2face will appear before the Monique Show in 2011, so many people I know became so afraid that this Nigerian exploit to the world would mess himself up through bad English as he sets to face a global audience. Did he? No!!!! He made me proud. I am a great 2face fan, he’s my icon, but as I write this piece I have to be guided that it is all aimed at enlightening all of us what a brand identity really is. 

2Face as a brand: a brand must be original, connect to its target audience and stir emotions. I have followed the 2face brand for a long time, his brand expresses all those.

Mr.Idibia didn’t come into the music scene to do the normal stuffs, he came in with his own style and enticed the whole world to accept it wholeheartedly. He understands his audience, he uses pigin English and street elements to connect with his fans, which is very important. Remember 2face is still on top not because he sings very good music( yes he does) but he has this emotional connection to every single fan of his which has kept all of them permanently stuck to him. 2face knew his strengths; he understands that pigin is his comfort zone and he used just that to reach out to all Nigerians. 

My people nothing dey happen I go try represent. After all If ‘is’ no go ‘was’ go then I cover am with one love mehn.

That was attributed to him before the Mo’nique Show( Though unverified)

“They say: 2face is illiterate and can’t speak good english but he is one of the very few without grammatical errors in his songs…aint that funny?”@TheoSamber – culled from twitter. Such an irony. the music business has gone past the eon of singing good music alone. We are the time of branding, when musicians use branding stunts to keep their audience in their web, and continuously garner their loyalty. If pigin English is the bridge that connects him and his audience, Mr. Idibia is not yet done with it. He will keep uttering it even when invited to Buckingham Palace. I have many artistes who I love their music but can’t connect with them. That is dangerous. My loyalty is not guaranteed. 

Ok!!! Let me stop these too many grammar.

What makes 2face’s brand strong?

  • It connects to every one of us in an emotional stimulating way. You just can’t find a reason to despise his personal brand, regardless. 
  • He comes original and speak to his target audience in their own exclusivity. He can blend in every sphere in Nigeria.
  • He knows that the brand is not all about him, thus he plays the ordinary man on the street, and expresses it on his music and interviews. IN BUILDING A BRAND, THINK LIKE THE CONSUMER 
  • Accessibility 
  • His brand identity is distinct; he flaunts and communicates it so perfectly
  • Upgrades, yet still retains his uniqueness. Dynamic and Easily spotted
  • He created a new category that wasn’t there, and became the No.1. 
  • He doesn’t joke with quality.

2face Idibia’s brand goes far beyond his music, and must not be judged by his English. Pigin is a branding tool he uses to connect with his audience. The world that once insulted him on his diction is now the same world that has already accepted his use of pigin Engish and refined street sense on every stage performance. His bad English is what stands him out, and it has built him an emotional brand. I commend Now Music, his management for helping him build a strong music/personal brand. 

Be original and don’t fail to flaunt what sets you apart from the rest. Try to be the Number one in a particular area, but if you can’t be, create a new category and become the Number one


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