10 Golden Rules In Branding

Without rules there are bound to be confusion and less progression. In branding, there are rules too, guidelines which when followed always pave way for every entrepreneur to influence the market.

Every day I will highlight to you one(1) rule in Branding


Never go for the average, only seek for excellence.

If you want to be noticed, you have to be way ahead others. Don’t set out to blend in but to stand out and be known as the best among others. Branding is not a rocket science, and excellence is not the hardest arithmetic; it is just doing those little things and adding those extra value others see as irrelevant. It is churning out the best quality of service and worthy product out there in the market.

Yes, many have sent out mediocre products to the market, and are making profits, but what they have is not a brand but commodity that have short lifespan. Brand is steady and enjoys infinite existence, and an average product can not guarantee you this.

One by one, each day eliminate anything that is average about your brand








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