Nigeria Independence Day Special: THE UNBRANDED

I know you will be wondering what a country like Nigeria got to do with this Branding Blog. How does it enlighten you about Branding or gives tips on how you can do a proper market positioning. The truth is that we learn in so many ways, and get inspired from different spheres in life. Each country is an entity that has an identity so is a business brand. We all set out each day to add one thing or the other to build respected and emotional brands that can compete in the market. Same thing that each country all of the world do all day to compete for mutual respect and to boost their image. This post is a brief one, but I want you to learn from the Nigeria reality and fully understand what branding really is.

Brand is all about the emotions it stirs in the market, the succinct identity that it creates which keeps it green on the market’s memory; the good difference about it among competitors and the unforgettable great value it provides to its niche market. If what you do doesn’t express all these, then you are UNBRANDED. Today is Nigeria’s 52nd Independence Anniversary yet it is still burdened by identity problem. The leadership are yet to stir up emotions on the people on why they should even believe in the Country, its dreams and existence. The world is yet to know what sets us apart from the rest of the world in a good way, I believe there is, but we have to communicate that to them. We have failed to do that, thus if there is no good brand visibility and powerful communication about your exclusivity then your product or business outfit doesn’t exist. If the image we portray to the rest of the world is not alluring, then we can’t influence nor attract them. A country too can be a Brand. When a country doesn’t brand, it loses world’s respect, the patriotism, dignified image, and the strategic progression and dominance that characterizes a strong brand.

Did I tell you branding is all about perception? If your market have an awful impression about you then you are unbranded. If you are reading this post now and you are a Nigerian, answer this…. How do the world perceive you as a citizen of Nigeria? If it is good then we are branded but if it’s bad then we are unbranded.

Happy Anniversary Nigeria.

Keep Branding. Keep Influencing. Keep attracting. 

PS: Read beyond the content, grab the branding message that underlies it. 


4 comments on “Nigeria Independence Day Special: THE UNBRANDED

  1. Jade
    October 2, 2012


  2. Lisa
    October 2, 2012

    wonderful regardless

  3. David J
    October 10, 2012

    Awesome info. Happy independence day!

  4. Nnadozie Egeonu
    October 19, 2012

    Thank you all for the commendation.

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