Importance of TRADE MARKING Your Fashion Brand

Fashion business has evolved into a fierce battle. In order to earn the market emotions and acceptability many designers now copy a particular creative idea or unique marketing elements amongst themselves. The future of fashion is so huge and exciting, and for the fact that every minute new designers launch themselves into the market which is only natural considering the competition that fraught the industry will definitely tap into your own exclusivity to pitch and to have a bite on the cake. To save yourself from the frustration of having your creativity compromised by free riders and smart people who would take advantage of your ignorance and unwillingness to protect your creative work, you need to trade mark before your brand identity, recognition and value will be badly hit.

Here in Africa, trade marking a brand is not only unpopular but seen as unnecessary, but I can tell you that it is a very important way to protect your brand from future abuse and compromise. Trade marking goes beyond the brand name, it could be the color of the sole of your branded shoe, it could be the button orientation on your design, it could be your catch phrase, etc. Think of those  little details on your work that stand you out of the rest which portray your creative sense and philosophy that your competitors see as your marketing edge over them, and would naturally tap into it to enhance their brand to your own detriment. Be Wise. Trade mark your uniqueness. Look beyond today. You wouldn’t like to rebuild a brand that you have labored in the past to make a success just because some one has intruded on your distinctiveness.

Success in the fashion industry is more than just crafting beautiful designs, it’s about selling. And the easiest way to sell clothing designs is with a good brand. Chanel, Gucci, Dior and Prada are iconic brands that…. click on the link to get more details from THREAD….



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