UGOCHUKWU NWAGBA -New Kid on the Bloc

SB INSPIRE: As part of SB’s goal to inspire young entrepreneurs and new start Ups in keeping faith to their dreams and in building strong brands, we present to you UGOCHUKWU NWAGBA, the very young CEO of NaHere. Ugochukwu is a self inspired youth with a strong character trait of determination, ambitiousness and perseverance. He has set his path towards finding his place in the IT world. Surely he is on his way to make history.

In few words who is Ugochukwu Nwagba?

Ugochukwu Nwagba is a boy with an unusual passion to solve major problems in the world.

Tell us about NaHere in Summary?

NaHere is a location-focused networking platform. Unlike conventional networking platforms. Nahere connects you primarily to things nears you.  Things such people, products and professionals basically. NaHere started in Nigeria; and hopes to solve the search needs of Nigeria. NaHere hopes to solve this problem for other countries too.

When did you nurse the idea?

As a kid I wanted to write computer programs to solve problems. Then I hadn’t fully understood the whole programming idea. Just before I joined the university I realized it was a NaHere type problem solving platform I was interested in. I then studied programming books to develop programming skills and later on in university I started the website www.nahere.com.

What inspired you to believe so much in it?

I realized before my university that being able to have a computer or file that everyone in the world could view or connect to from anywhere in the world had a lot of power or potential in it. All you needed was to have the right document that everyone would want to see, and everyone would connect. From this ability you can ignite change in the world and do a lot of things. All this is about the internet. I believed the internet was going to come strong globally, and that the time for ideas like NaHere’s was now.

How old is NaHere?

I registered NaHere as a business during my univrsity, pished it as Limited Liability Company during my NYSC in 2011.

What’s your brand philosophy?

Local Excellence.

What stands you out from the rest?

We strongly think of our platform as a platform belonging to locations in this country. We don’t think of it as a national platform. Even if we go global, we won’t move out from this foundational mindset, at least not now.

Tell us a bit about NaHere’s mission and vision

Our mission is to be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of local search or query. In the next 3 years, NaHere will be a top member of the Nigerian Web Traffic rank list, and the world traffic rank list as well. This is an indicator we are keeping watch on. NaHere membership will also be on the top of its list too.

How did you assemble you team?

The NaHere team is a meeting of programmers and program managers with a similar interest of building an extremely strong problem-solving product for the Nigerian internet community and beyond. The average age of the team members is 26 years. We have all been assembled based on shared interests.

So what keeps the team going?

Each member of the team is a strong believer in the future of the product we are building. We all see it as something very important that’s about to happen to Nigeria and beyond. Our office is a continuous ideas sharing and scrutinizing environment. And no idea is irrelevant, stupid or laughed at. We have a home as an office.

How Many Hours per Day do you work in building NaHere?

15 to 16 hours


Yes, I work from 9am to 9pm. Take some rest and commence again from 11pm to 1am.

What were your major setbacks?

Sharing my programming session with the engineering lectures

You studied Engineering, now you are deep into IT, how did the transition happen?

I wanted to study computer science or computer engineering but didn’t get the offer to study it. FUTO offered me Agric Engineering. You know the JAMB issue.

Are you a fulfilled young man?

Yes, I am. There is this inner bliss that I get from practicing my passion. More so, seeing NaHere surpass its first year traffic target is fulfilling and inspires me never to relent.

If we call NaHere the Nigerian Facebook, is it in order?

No, it’s not in order. We understand how a lot of websites have been defined by some of Facebook’s methods but ours is very different, especially in motive. We aren’t basically about people meeting their friends; we are more about creating new friends, connections and businesses based on your location. However, if you are talking about the buzz NaHere will have soon nationally, I’ll quite understand.

Would you say Nahere is the first of its kind in Nigeria?

Capital YES!

What’s so appealing on NaHere’s page?

It’s the ability to find people close and within your location. That’s our core focus.

What is your driving force?

Self belief and knowing that I must use my skills to solve a major problem.

Advise for the Nigerian Youth

I know the Nigerian youth is creative enough. I advice that every youth should believe in his/ her individual ingenuity, persevere no matter the odds to use it to make a difference.



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