Defining Your Brand Idea

The word ‘IDEA’ may be a popular word that people seem to easily know the meaning. In branding it means a lot more. It goes beyond just having a mental picture of what to produce or what to offer as service. Still confused? Ok!  Brand idea mirrors all that your brand stands for and how you deliver it to your target audience matters in its acceptability and understanding of what you are doing in the first place. It is different from the product you churn out, it is the whole journey you intend to make, the uniqueness you intend to portray and the difference you are bringing in. It throws more light to the concept. It is in the idea development stage that the mission and vision of the brand is born. They take root from it. In building a competitive brand, it is only natural to conduct research or a good situation analysis that leads to insights and identification of areas of opportunity for a brand, but a stake must then be placed in the ground to define the brand IDEA: what you want the brand to stand for.

Culling from The Big Book of Marketing: Lessons and Best Practices from the World’s Greatest Companies”, edited by Anthony G. Bennett “there is no magic formula or model for this (building an idea). It takes smart people, clarity, and creativity of thought, debate, and sometimes more research to determine the right brand idea. The most important thing about your brand idea is that it is differentiated from the competition and relevant to your target audience. It is essential to give the target audience a reason to choose your brand over all others. If there is nothing different about your brand, there is no reason to purchase it; if you are different but that difference is not important or meaningful to consumers, it is equally unlikely your brand will be purchased. These simple articulations can be fleshed out into a paragraph, a positioning statement, a mission statement, or a vision statement, but if the core brand idea is not clear, then all elements emanating from it will be even weaker. Content will be spun off (PR messages, ad copy, websites, leadership speeches, recruitment specs, blogs), and without a clear idea to link back to, the brand will quickly become disparate, hard to manage, and not associated with anything distinct in the consumer’s mind. The brand idea acts as a strategic filter for the future; it is a waste of time to fill in models or craft mission statements without spending time clarifying the brand idea first”.

Get your idea clearly defined, build a concept on it and commit wholly in making it a fascinating experience for your target audience.


2 thoughts on “Defining Your Brand Idea

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