Getting the Right Team

“Getting good players is easy. Getting them to play together is the hard part”

—- Casey Stengel —–

You may ask, does my small business really need a team? Yes, in fact you already have one. From the guy who supplies you with raw materials, the photographer, to the printer who works on your publications, to the distributor, the machinist or the tailor you outsource most of your design productions, the graphic guy, the IT guy that manages your website, and all that, the cafe assistant, the typist that work on your documents, etc who may not really be permanent employees attached to your entrepreneurship but the fact that they are involved in one way or another in the process of shaping your business, getting it functional and facilitating the constant delivery of what you sell or offer for service are already your team. Your team might as well be that small group of organized individuals you bring on board to help in the actualization of your ideas. Which ever one it is, so far you have people who you engage in what ever way to get part of your work done is your team.

Over time, research has shown that the quality of members of a team determines how an idea is been transformed, and how a business makes it to its anticipated future. I know many designers that outsource production but whenever a customer needs his clothes the tailor or machinist always have an excuse to give on why he couldn’t meet the deadline. What this means is, teams frustrate and can kill an idea. They can crumple a business. So in choosing who to partner or employ in your small business a lot of smart thinking should be done.

“A team isn’t the collection of random people. it is an organization with its own dynamics, qualities and conventions. Without knowing these things, you will flounder. Knowing them you can work your team to achieve greatness”

 ……Richard Templar……

Understand the dynamics involved in all the works people (team) do for you, know their personal qualities, make out time to explain your vision to them and let tem know the values enshrined in your brand ( business). Convince and inspire them on the need to give their best. Let them know that they now make up the core of your business structure, not secondary personnel. Get them wholly involved in working to realized same goals as you. share with them your vision, guide them to believe in it and become so passionate about it just like you do. If you fail to do all these, yet believe that you can make decent progression is just perpetrating a lie. In business you don’t work with committees, you work in teams, and the core of each team is the mind of each member. Thus, shake hands with their minds and get them giving their best for you, delivering quality and on time too.

According to Meredith Belbin in his book; Management Team: why they succeed or fail, there are nine team roles.

  • The Plant- they are the original thinkers, generate new ideas and think in different ways, literally, imaginatively.
  • The resource investigator- creative person who likes taking ideas and run with them.
  • The Co- ordinator- highly disciplined, controlled and can focus on objectives. They unify a team.
  • The shaper- they are very achievement oriented. They like to be challenged and to get result.
  • The monitor evaluator- this person analyzes and balance and weigh. Objective thinker, and usually calm and detached.
  • The team worker- supportive and cooperative. Always wanting the best for the team.
  • The implementer- he has good organizational skills, displays common sense easily and gets the job done.
  • The completer- this person checks details, and tidies up. Painstakingly conscientious.
  • The specialist- often dedicated to acquiring specialized skills just to give the best input. Extremely professional with drive and dedication.

Yes, it is fun to identify your own details but it is quite useful to identify your team’s and work with that information. Some may have these qualities still innate but as a sensitive figure head you have to be quick in identifying and helping to shape them accordingly and guiding into good use.


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