African-inspired swimwear Brand ÒKUN

Fashion industry is big; many fashion designers are enjoying huge returns. Yes, I know no one is in doubt about this. Growing up it has been music! Music!! Music!!! My generation loved it, and many had dreams of using the mic to make ends meet. No doubt over here, the Nigerian Music is booming, but the rapidly evolving fashion industry is hitting it hard.  Here in Lagos I see a lot of youths with promise been tormented on how to pitch their tents on the already competitive fashion industry. They have the talent, but talent isn’t enough. Fashion is no longer a hobby of sort it is a good business. My advise to them is always, “Do the unusual, be different and PACKAGE it well”. For those of you who need more insight on how to be original and different in fashion business, OKUN’s Swim Wear Brand provides that in details.  Òkun is actually an African-inspired quality swimwear brand, forged out of the desire to communicate a new message through the bold colors and language of African print.

The brand’s SS13 collection is infused with the carefree confidence of newly independent West & Central Africa of the 60s & 70s and features traditional Congolese Kuba and Ghanaian Adinkra motifs alongside contemporary Nigerian prints which beautifully offset the detailed tailoring in their shorts. You may think it’s just a swim wear, but believe me Bola Marquis and his creative team is smiling to the bank and getting the hype. Originality pays BIG TIME.

ÒKUN is the Yoruba word for the Ocean and this trans-continental spirit underlines its dream of realizing a contemporary pan-African fashion brand. This is the vision that it proudly expressed. Okun is a Swim wear; you too can start your own underwear (boxers) brand tailored with African long forgotten prints. Don’t be a ‘me too’ designer, pitch your own niche in the market, if there isn’t, create one. Churn out designs that are unique and brand it with all your might. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a little detail in creativity and smart positioning. Cheers!!!!!


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