Reasons Why You Must QUIT and WORK for Yourself

Just Quit

If every man is an entrepreneur, and a potential success; why work you ass off to help someone else develop his / her vision and build an entrepreneurship? I met someone who told me a man gave him a marketing role with high unachievable monetary target to meet at the end of the month with meager salary. He told me he turned the offer down. WHY? “Why should I devote my productive time marketing a person’s product for a token and under huge pressure? I better use my time to create my own product and use all my energy in selling it.” He explained confidently. That’s the truth in a nutshell, but here I have listed other reasons why you should quit like James and those abstract things that hinder you from quitting your job to establish your own brand. Majority of them is centered on the employer vision for you and subtle antics to keep you inside his web.

  1. Employer will never make you rich.
  2. Unknown to you he pegs your progress.
  3. He gives you job all your life to keep you busy enough to think less of your own dreams.
  4. He constantly gives the illusion of job security. No employer can honestly guarantee your job security.
  5. You grow into believing you cannot live without a salary.
  6. The fear of losing a monthly income and job.
  7. Keeps you obligated through the use of fear of losing your job and through harsh pressures.
  8. Uses you to leverage his wealth.
  9. No employer will pay you your minimum WORTH.
  10. He perpetually buries your visions into his own corporate vision.
  11. Determines how you live your life.
  12. Compels you without you knowing it to bring in your ideas to grow his enterprise. When he exhausts them you are kicked out through downsizing, retirement or sack.

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