Evolve Your Own Fashion Style, It’s Part of Branding

Terence Sambo

Just a few days back, I paid a friend of mine that runs a fashion label called Tfabolo a warm visit.  I was in town and decided to drop by at his studio to feed my fashion eyes some innovative ideas. It was inside this studio in O’Town that I learned fashion designing. Yes, I am a designer too!!!!!!!!! Tfabolo’s studio is full of fabrics, sewing machines, design mannequins, and fashion magazines.  I love fashion magazines, they provide me with unusual inspiration and adds more energy to my fashion dreams. Seated on a letter sofa close to the cutting table, I saw The COMPLETE FASHION MAGAZINE, I quickly made a dash for it, and zoooooooommmmmm I have started feeding my eyes with its alluring pictures and creative writings. One guy whose picture caught my eyes was Terrance Sambo, the editor of One Nigerian Boy. He appeared quirky but dapper on a turtle neck fitted green T-shirt on a pair of three quarter brown pants that exposes a red socks. Yes he wore his signature ‘African Cap’ on his head and carried a man bag. Terrance style is not common. It is only his, and he wears it confidently and nicely too. His fashion style is unique and it has become part of the Brand ‘Terrance Sambo”. He expresses urban street culture in his style and it has helped brand him as an icon in his profession. Terrance is a fashion editor, wardrobe stylist and blogger which all can be seen in his appearance.

Terence with his Man Bag

All these preambles are to tell us that you don’t have to dress like the majority to be elegant or to be counted. You can decide to dress your one way and make it an acceptable style. Don’t be shy to express yourself through your own self invented fashion style as long as it does not conflict on your professional ethics and good morals. In building a personal brand, fashion style is an important element especially celebrities (even non-celebrities like you and I).  It tells who you are, gives insight on your true personality and mirrors your inner self as expressed outwards. It is you.

While you develop strategies on building a personal brand that connect with your work, include a fashion style on it. Have a good sense of style, dress it and make it part of your brand. Be different in your work place; be known for your own uniqueness, it adds to your personality. In any profession or career path you follow, get a style, make it yours. It is part of the personal branding. Let me know your own fashion style. Keep Branding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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