Let Your Strength Do The Magic

Starting up a business just like running it has never being an easy ride. A lot of challenges, too many requirements need to be met to let the business take shape. Truly, starting, marketing and managing a brand is so demanding that often times impact negatively on the brand or business if not carefully checked. You have a business in mind, you make your research about it, develop a checklist that guides you on the essential requirements you need to start up or achieve other business goals you bear in mind, know that there is no law that says you have to commence at the point of fulfilling hundred percent of all the elements in your checklist. The more you wait, the more your ideas lose its spark. The best way to start is to use what you have, your strength. It is what sets you different from the rest. Your strength fills the gap of other paucities that your business requires of you.  Understand the special skills and talents you have and how they can be used in the market. Pay attention to those attributes that clearly differentiates you from others.

Most times it is not the man who has the most capital that succeeds the most, but the one who has a different unique and creative ways to entice the market. While you think of how you can raise capital, get an office space in a strategic location, or build a web page, etc also think of what is it that you are best at. What are the selling skills and talents that can be of business advantage?  OK, we all know 2Face Idibia as great Nigerian artiste, he is also a brand. I remember when he made his greatest hit song, African Queen, and went ahead to win the MTV award, his career blossomed from there. We all love him and his music, but back in the days besides his good music people had problem with his English. He was not the best guy to be interviewed; he would not answer any question in good English. You will usually find him uneasy and coy on every interview. He loved his Pigin English, and his Street swag which many fans criticized. But did he bother to learn queens English or switch to the cool guy orator? No, he continued to mesmerize with his pigin English and brevity in words till it became his style and got general acceptance. Through this uniqueness which he applied in his music business has portrayed him as humble (which he really is) and Naija personified guy with urbane street swag that most young people love now. I believe He knew his weaknesses, and understands his strength and he used it. Has it helped in his showmanship, YES!!! Has it increased his public appeal? YES!!!! Is he making more money and shaking hands with our hearts? YES!!!!! Today communicating in Pigin English has a fashion of sort among celebrities.

Barrack Obama didn’t flag off his first presidential campaign as a multi millionaire. He had no big cash to recruit experience election strategists and researchers. All he had was his oratory skills, which is his greatest strength. He started off with it and used it to sway volunteers, recruit though cheap but loyal campaign team and convince donors. Today all is history. Remember these two personalities are personal brands just like you. Use your own strengths to shape your business ideas. If you are a people person, use it as a marketing advantage. If you are more of an idea person find a way to reflect it in your business quality. If you can write, use it to increase your brand visibility. One of Steve Jobs’ strengths was his visionary mind, and all Apple products have this sophistication and “Technology Forward”. It did the marketing for him.  Know your strengths, understand them and fashion out ways to make them be part of your brand strategy and work for you.


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This entry was posted on August 3, 2012 by in branding tips.
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