How to Succeed in Any Business Type

By Paul Smith It is a frequent phenomenon when we start something up, but do not get the job done. We dream about great results and achievements at the same … Continue reading

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Take The Risk

I can spend the whole day reading any Ben Carson’s book. He is quite inspiring. I have read couple of his books and articles written about him. One striking trait … Continue reading

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  Oops!!! I have made a mistake… Yeee, I am finished…. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I have lived to learn from them rather … Continue reading

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Making The Most Of Facebook for Your Business

  I personally believe it’s now stale hearing or reading of the benefits of Facebook to your business. We may all have different opinions on this. If you are reading this, there … Continue reading

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Top Reasons You Are Not A Successful Blogger

CREDIT: Culled  from stumbleupon.com I know a lot of you will love this article, so when I stumbled upon it (lol), I didn’t think twice to share it here… enjoy … Continue reading

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Writing A Business Book Is Good PR

CREDIT: Culled from http://www.steamfeed.com Doesn’t it feel like everyone is writing some sort of a book? You may feel annoyed by the echo chamber of book topics, left out because … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Become a Master Networker

CREDIT: Culled from http://www.blogtrepreneur.com In an increasingly social media-driven world, becoming a master networker is an important key to building both your personal brand and developing the friendships you’ll need … Continue reading

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